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The work contained on this page has been collated by Alaundo, Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson and Kevin Liss from various 3.0\3.5 edition Forgotten Realms products. This is to allow easy location of Feats by providing basic information and the name of the product in which the full description and details can be found. Candlekeep takes no responsibility for Pierre's dubious comments for some feats ;-) Make of them what you will.

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Feats of the Realms

Compiled by
Alaundo, Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson & Kevin Liss


Title Prerequisites Source
Aftersight [General] Rashemi human (including the Gurs); Regions: Rashemen, Thay; Benefit: +4 bonus on Knowledge (history) and bardic knowledge checks

RoF, p. 160

Allied Defense [General] Combat Expertise - You are good at protecting nearby allies SS p.19
Ancestral Spirit [General] Illuskan human, patron deity Uthgar; Regions: The North, the Great Glacier; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Heal and Knowledge (history) checks RoF, p. 161
Animal Friends [General] Gnome; Benefit: Gain up to a 2 HD of animal friends RoF, p.161
Ankheg Tribe Ambush [regional] Ankheg tribe member - You have learned to hide and spring to attack like an Ankheg SS p.19
Arachnid Rider [General] Regions: Drow elf, gray dwarf; Benefit: +2 on all Handle Animal and Ride (any arachnid) checks. Also, use Handle Animal skill to affect spiders of Large size or smaller. RoF, p. 161
Arcane Manipulation
Wizard 1st level. Learned in the ways of Netheril, able to break down higher level spell slots into lower level slots. LEoF, p. 6
Arcane Preparation [General] Ability to cast arcane spells without prep; Benefit: allows you to prepare metamagicked spells PGtoF, p. 32
Arcane Schooling [Regional] Deep Imaskari, human, planetouched; Benefit: activate wands as if you had one level of brd, sor or wiz

PGtoF, p. 33

Arcane Transfiguration [General] Item Reprieve, Spell Reprieve, specialise wizard level 10. Learn and cast spells from a prohibited school. LEoF, p. 6
Arctic Adaptation [General] Damaran or Illuskan human; Regions: Damara, Narfell, the North, Vaasa ; Benefit: +4 bonus on saving throws against cold effects. Also, +1 on Hide, Move Silently, Search, and Spot checks on the ice and snow. RoF, p. 161
Artist [General] elf, gnome, half-elf, human; Benefit: improves Perform checks & one artisty Craft skill of your choice, additional uses of bardic music per day. PGtoF, p. 33
Attune Gem [Item Creation] Int 13, Craft (gemcutting) skill, 3 rd arcane – You can magically imbue gems to hold a spell until triggered MoF p.21
Augment Summoning [General] 2 nd spellcaster – Your summoned creatures are better than normal. MoF p.21
Axeshield [General] Grimlock – You know how to defend yourself with a battleaxe Und p.24
Axethrower [Regional] dwarf, human, lizardfolk, orc; Benefit: use STR instead of DEX when you throw.

PGtoF, p. 33

Azerblood [General] Shield dwarf; Regions: Amn, shield dwarf; Benefit: +4 bonus on saving throws against fire effects. Also, +1 on Craft (armorsmithing, blacksmithing, and weaponsmithing) checks

RoF, p. 161

Barbed Stinger [Monstrous] Sting Attack – Your stinger is unusually difficult to unlodge SK p.144
Batrider [General] Ride (dire bat) skill; Region: Shield dwarf; Benefit: +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride (dire bat) checks RoF, p. 161
Battle Jump [Fighter, General] Taer; Benefit: Charge from a height of at least 5 feet above opponent

UE, p. 42

Blood of the Warlord [General] Orc, base Leadership of 10+; Benefit: +2 Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to influence orcs. Also, +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and Will saving throws

RoF, p. 161


Blooded [Regional] centaur, dwarf, elf, gnoll, grimlock, halfling, human, orc; Benefit: better initiative and spot, can't be shaken PGtoF, p. 35
Bloodline of Fire [Regional] human, planetouched; Benefit: better fire saves PGtoF, p. 35
Bloodsoaked Intimidate [General] Snatch Trophy feat. Benefit: Make an Intimidate check as a swift action CoR p.17
Body Pouch [Monstrous] Scaled One – You can open a cavity in your body without harm to yourself and use it to carry or conceal items or creatures SK p.144
Bowslinger [General] BAB +1 – You can ready ranged weapons surprisingly quickly Und p.24
Breathing Link [General] Base Will save +2, aquatic elf or water genasi; Benefit: Select one creature within 5 feet and give them the ability to breathe water

RoF, p. 161

Broken One's Sacrifice [General] Wis13, member of the Broken One's monk order. Benefit: You chose to suffer damage or bad effects intended for an ally. CoV, p. 28
Bullheaded [Regional] dwarf, human, taer; Benefit: better will save, can't be shaken PGtoF, p. 37
Calishite Elementalist Benefit: +1 caster level when casting a spell from the Air tradition or Fire tradition, pick one RoF, p. 161
Caravanner [General] Regions: Cormyr, Dalelands, Sembia, Thesk, Western Heartlands; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Handle Animal and Knowledge (geography) checks

RoF, p.162

Carmendine Monk [General] Int13, member of the Zealots of the Written Word monk order. Benefit: Use Int bonus instead of Wis for monk abilities. Treat monk as one level higher for a selected ability. CoV p.28
Caustic Adaptation [General] Kuo-toa – Natural Selection has given your blood an unpalatable, acidic quality Und p.24
Caver [General] You are knowledgeable about the secrets of the Underdark world and wise in its ways Und p. 24
Celestial Bloodline [General] Aasimar, base Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves +1; Benefit: Gain ability to use protection from evil 3/day and bless 1/day as spell-like abilities RoF, p. 162
Chakram Ricochet [General] Dex 13, base attack +1, proficient with chakram. Benefit: Strike two adjacent targets with 1 chakram. CoR p.17
Chameleon Hide [Monstrous] Scaled One – You can alter the hue of your scales to match the surrounding terrain SK p.144
Channel Charge [General] Use Magic Device 5 ranks, ability to cast 4th-lvl spells. Power a charged magic item with spell slots or prepared spells. LEoF p.7
Charm Immunity [General] Racial bonus on saving throws vs charm effects, Charm Resistance – You are immune to charm effects SK p.145
Charm Resistance [General] Racial bonus on saving throws vs charm effects. – You can resist charm effects better than you otherwise could SK p.145
Cheetah Tribe Sprint [Regeonal] Cheetah tribe member - You have learned fast running from the cheetah SS p.19
Chondathan Missionary [General] Chondathan human, ability to cast divine spells; Benefit: +1 caster level from specific spell list, or +2 caster level using the spell to proselytize to a receptive audience RoF, p. 162
Close-quarter Fighting [Fighter, General] +3 base attack bonus; Benefit: When attacked by a creature with improved grab ability, may make an attack of opportunity RoF, p. 162
Cobra Head [Monstrous] Serpent or serpentfolk. – You can extend the skin of your neck into a cobra hood SK p.145
Cormanthyran Moon Magic [General] Knowledge (history) 4 ranks, ability to cast 3rd-lvl spells. Increase caster level by 2 in moonlight. LEoF, p. 7
Corrupt Spell [Metamagic] Any evil; Benefit: Adds evil descriptor to one of your spells./ CoR, p. 17
Cosmopolitan [Regional] dwarf, elf, half-elf, halfling, human; Benefit: better bluff, gather info & sense motive PGtoF, p. 37
Cover your Tracks [General] Track - You are good at covering your tracks making it harder for others to track you SS p.20
Craft Contingent Spell [Item Creation] Spellcaster level 11 th +; Benefit: Can make contingent any spell for which prerequisites are met UE, p. 42
Craft Scepter [Item Creation] Knowledge (history) 4 ranks. caster level 9. Create a scepter of any 7th level (or lower) spell. LEoF, p. 8
Craven [General] Sneak attack. Cannot be immune to fear. Benefit: Deal extra damange on sneak attacks equal to level. -2 on fear saves LEoF, p. 8
Dauntless [Regional] dwarf, human, lizardfolk, orc, slyth; Benefit: extra HPs PGtoF, p. 37
Daylight Adaptation [Regional] dwarf, elf, kuo-toa, orc; Benefit: don't suffer adverse effects of light PGtoF, p. 37
Deadly Poison [Monstrous] Con 19, poison special attack with ability dmg, Ability Focus (poison). – Your poison attack deals more damage than normal SK p.145
Deadly Spittle [Monstrous] Spit Venom, spit attack, or spittle attack. – You can use your spit attack against multiple opponents SK p.145
Deepening Darkness [General] Create darkness as a racial ability; Benefit: Darkness created is treated as deeper darkness. Also, use darkness ability an additional 2/day RoF, p. 162
Defender of the Homeland [Exhalted] Wis13. Any good. Benefit: +1 sacred bonus to AC and immune to fear when in homeland. CoV, p. 28
Delay Spell [Metamagic] any other metamagic feat; Benefit: delayed spell doesn't activate until later PGtoF, p. 37
Detect Shadow Weave User [Exhalted] Knowledge (arcana) 5rks, spellcraft 5rks. Benefit: Detect is spell is from weave or shadow weave. CoV, p. 28
Dire Flail Smash [General] Str 13, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (dire flail); Benefit: better Will save and Concentration checks CoR, p. 17
Dirty Rat [General] Tumble 4rks; Benefit: Gain additional +1 on attack rolls when flanking CoR, p. 20
Discipline [Regional] chitine, elf, gnome, halfling, human, planetouched, slyth; Benefit: better Will save and Concentration checks PGtoF, p. 38
Disentangler [Fighter, General] Wild dwarf; Regions: Chult, wild dwarf; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Escape Artist checks and +2 bonus on opposed grapple checks RoF, p. 162
Doomspeak [Bardic] Bardic music class feature. Intimidate 8rks, Perform 8rks. Benefit: Target takes -10 penalty on attack, saves and ability and skill checks for 1 round CoR, p. 20
Draw From the Land [General] Ethran; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: Draw upon the power of the land to revitalize body and mind. Also, +10 bonus on Constitution checks made to avoid subdual damage from hunger and thirst. Finally, requires half as much sleep as normal. UE, p. 43
Dreadful Wrath [Regional] human, kuo-toa, planetouched; Benefit: when chargin, making a full attack or casting a spell, enemies around you may be shaken PGtoF, p. 38
Druuth Slayer [General] Knowledge (dungeoneering) 2rks, Knowledge (nature) 2rks. Benefit: +1 bonus on Will saves, recognise shapechanged dopplegangers, save against mind flayer 'mind blast' each round. CoV, p. 29
Drow Eyes [General] Half-drow elf; Benefit: Gain darkvision 120 ft RoF, p. 162
Duergar Mindshaper [General] Gray dwarf; Benefit: +1 spell power on enchantment spells and abilities RoF, p. 162
Duerran Metaform Training [Psionic] Gray dwarf; Benefit: Spend 5 power points to activate 'enlarge person' SP. CoV, p. 29
Duerran Stealth Training [Psionic] Gray dwarf; Benefit: Spend 7 power points to activate 'invisibility' SP. CoV, p. 29
Dungeoneer's Intuition [General] Wis 13, Trap sense; Benefit: Add wisdom bonus to trap sense. Add trap sense bonus to AC during surprise round. CoSW, p. 144
Eagle Tribe Vision [Regional] Eagle tribe member - You have keen eyesight SS p.20
Education [Regional] elf, gnome, half-elf, human; Benefit: all knowledge skills are class skills and a some of these are improved PGtoF, p. 38
Eldritch Linguist [General] Illuskan human, ability to cast divine spells; Benefit: +1 caster level from selected list of spells. RoF, p. 162
Elemental Bloodline [General] Base Fortitude save +4, genasi (any); +4 saving throw bonus against poison, sleep, paralysis, or stunning. Also, 25% chance to turn a critical hit or a sneak attack into a normal hit RoF, p. 163
Elfhunter [General] Drow – You have had specific training in how best to fight a certain subrace of surface elf Und p.25
Energy Substitution [Metamagic] any other meta feat, K(arcana) 5 ranks – You can modify a spell that uses one type of energy to use another type of energy MoF p.21
Enervative Healing [General] Feyri, ability to use enervation as a spell-like ability; Benefit: When using enervation ability can make a melee touch attack instead of firing a ray. Gain 5 hit points for every negative level RoF, p. 163
Enhanced Adhesive [General] Kuo-toa – The natural adhesive you create becomes stickier Und p.25
Entangle Spell [Metamagic] spell entangles targets for 1 round. MoF p.22
Eschew Materials [Metamagic] any other meta feat – You can cast spells without material components MoF p.22
Eschew Materials [Metamagic] Any other metamagic feat; Benefit: Cast a spell with no material components LoD, p. 189
Ethran [Regional] human female (Rashemen, obviously!); Benefit: this one is, indubitably, truly, a real double cheeseburger! better handle animal and survival, better social interactions with other Rashemis, and yes… Circle Magic… behold the witches PGtoF, p. 38
Ettercap Berserker [Fighter, General] Ability to rage, membership in the Ettercap berserker lodge; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: +2 bonus on saving throws against poison. When raging, +6 bonus to Constitution. During a greater rage, +8 to Constitution UE, p. 43
Exotic Armor Proficiency [General] Armor proficiency of the appropriate sort. – You understand how to wear a specific type of exotic armor properly Und p.25
Explosive Spell [Metamagic] Ejects any creature caught in its area to the nearest edge of its effect and knocks the creature prone. +1d6 damage per 10 feet moved and if a barrier intervenes additional 1d6 damage incurs UE, p. 43
Extended Rage [General] Ability to rage; Benefit: Rages last and additional 5 rounds beyond normal duration UE, p. 43
Extra Wild Shape [Wild] Ability to use wild shape. – You can use wild shape more frequently than you normally could Und p.25
Eyes of Light [General] Aasimar, Celestial Bloodline; Benefit: Fire a ray of searing light from eyes as a spell-like ability, 1/day RoF, p. 163
Familiar Concentration [General] Improved Familiar, caster level 9. Familiar can control casters spell. LEoF p.8
Familiar Spell [General] Ability to acquire familiar, Spell Mastery – You are so well acquainted with the spells you have mastered that you can store the prepared spells in the mind of your familiar Und p.25
Feral Animal Companion [General] Animal companion class feature. Any evil. Benefit: Gain animal companion with +2 STR and CON and with disease-carrying bite. CoR, p. 20
Fearless [Regional] aarakocra, elf, gloaming, gnome, halfling, human, orc; Benefit: like water over a duck's back, you are somewhat immune to something… solve the riddle and win a feat!! PGtoF, p. 38
Fiendish Bloodline [General] Fey'ri, tanarukk, tiefling, base Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves +1; Benefit: Gain the ability to cast protection from good 3/day, and bane 1/day as spell-like abilities RoF, p. 163
Flay Foe [General] Str 15, Base attack +6, proficient with slashing weaspon; Benefit: Subsequent attacks deal +1d6 slashing damage. CoR, p. 20
Fleet of Foot [Regional] elf, half-elf, human; Benefit: affects your land speed PGtoF, p. 38
Foe Hunter [Regional] dwarf, half-elf, halfling, human; Benefit: depending on region, you gain a favored enemy PGtoF, p. 38
Forest Gnome Phantasist [General] Forest gnome; Benefit: Illusion (pattern) and Illusion (phantasm) spells and spell-like abilities gain +1 spell power RoF, p. 163
Forester [Regional] elf, gnome, half-elf, halfling, human, volodni; Benefit: better hide, listen, move silently and spot, especially in a forest PGtoF, p. 39
Forgeheart [Regional] dwarf; Benefit: behold the fire-retardant dwarf, approved for commercial aircrafts PGtoF, p. 39
Forked Tongue [Monstrous] Serpentfolk – You speak with a honeyed voice that bends listeners to your will SK p.145
Fortify Spell [Metamagic] Has a higher caster level than normal for the purposes of defeating a targets spell resistance. +2 bonus on spell penetration checks UE, p. 43
From Smite to Song [General] Perform (any) 3rks, member of the Harmonius Order: Benefit: Spend one smite evil attempt to inspire courage. Add Perform to list of class skills. CoV, p. 29
Furious Charge [Regional] aarakocra, human, orc, wemic; Benefit: charge better PGtoF, p. 39
Gape of the Serpent [Monstrous] Swallow whole special attack – Like a snake, you can stretch your mouth to outlandish extent to accommodate immense prey SK p.146
Genie Lore [General] Region: Calimshan; Benefit: With one type of energy gain +1 to the DC of saving throws RoF, p. 163
Gift of Tongues [General] Regions: Moon elf, sun elf; Benefit: Intelligence is 4 points higher when determining bonus languages to start with. Speak Language is always a class skill. +1 bonus on Decipher Script and Sense Motive checks RoF, p. 163
Godsight [Regional] Cha 13, Mulhorandi (aasimar, human (Mulan), or tiefling), Mulhorand region. Gain spell-like abilities involving detection. LEoF, p. 8
Gold Dwarf Dweomersmith [General] Gold dwarf; Benefit: +1 caster level when casting a spell that creates a weapon or enhances an existing one RoF, p. 163
Graft Illithid Flesh [Item Creation] Illithid, Heal 10 ranks – You can apply Illithid grafts to other living creatures or to yourself Und p.25
Graft Yuan-ti Flesh [Item Creation] Yuan-ti, Heal 10 ranks – You can apply youan-ti grafts to other living creatures or to yourself SK p.146
Great Stag Berserker [Fighter, General] Ability to rage, membership in the Great Stag berserker lodge; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: When using the charge action, gain+4 bonus on attack roll and take -4 penalty on AC for 1 round UE, p. 43
Greater Multigrab [Monstrous] Str 19, Dex 15, Improved Grab special attack, Multigrab. – You can grapple enemies effortlessly with your natural weapons SK p.146
Greenbound Summoning [General] Abiliity to cast any Summon Natures Ally spell. Summoned creatures acquire the Greenbound template. LEoF, p. 8
Grim Visage [General] Regions: Damaran human; Benefit: +2 bonus on Intimidate and Sense Motive checks RoF, p. 163
Halruaan Adept [Regional] Human [halruaan] - You are well versed in the rites and arcana of Halruaan magic SS p.20
Hammer Fist [Fighter, General] Str 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, dwarf; Benefit: Add one and a half times Strength bonus on damage with an unarmed strike RoF, p. 164
Hand of Tyr [General] Patron Deity: Tyr, LG, Ability to turn undead; Benefit: +1 bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and Will saves. CoSW, p. 145
Harem Trained [General] Region: Calimshan; Benefit: +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Perform checks RoF, p. 164
Headlong Rush [Fighter, General] Orc or half-orc, base attack bonus +4 or higher; Benefit: A successful attack deals double damage, but everyone in its path can make an attack of opportunity including the opponent attacked RoF, p. 164
Healing Flames [General] Base Will save +3, fire genasi or tanarukk; Benefit: Can use control flame spell-like ability to heal self based on the size of the fire RoF, p. 164
Heat Tolerance [General] You are used to living in hot, humid conditions SS p.20
Highborn Drow [General] Drow, base Will save +2; Benefit: Use detect good , detect magic , and levitate 1/day as spell-like abilities. RoF, p. 164
Highborn Drow [General] Drow, base Will save +2 – You have learned how to tap into the advanced magical abilities available to you through your drow noble heritage Und p.25
Hin Wandermage [General] Lightfoot Halfling; Benefit: +1 caster level when casting a spell that helps travel. Also, add one additional spell in the tradition for free when able to cast it. RoF, p. 164
Hold the Line [General] Combat Reflexes, BAB +2 - You are trained in defense against charging opponents SS p.20
Horse Nomad [Regional] Human Benefit: oh, but wait… this ain't so good… ‘cause it's the “not for warriors ride feat”… I don't get it… (not for warriors ‘cause this gives you access to some martial weapons on top of helping with the ride skill… blech!) PGtoF, p. 39
Hyena Tribe Hunter [Regional] Hyena tribe member - You have learned hyena hunting sectrets SS p.20
Ice Troll Berserker [Fighter, General] Constitution 13, ability to rage, membership in the Ice Troll berserker lodge; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: When raging, +2 natural armor bonus to AC. During a greater rage increases to +4. UE, p. 44
Improved Energy Resistance [General] Naturally resistant to a form of energy; Benefit: Resistance to that energy increases by 5 RoF, p. 165
Improved Familiar [General] Same as DMG version, with extra choices PGtoF, p. 39
Improved Familiar [General] A new table is added for additional improved familiars introduced in Races of Faer{n . See also Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting RoF, p. 165
Improved Familiar [General] adds more improved familiars SK p.146
Improved Fiendish Servant [General] Fiendish Servant class feature. Benefit: Gain a more powerful servant. CoR, p. 20
Improved Flight [General] Ability to fly (naturally, magically, or through shapechanging); Benefit: Maneuverability class while flying improves by one grade RoF, p. 165
Improved Grapple [Fighter, General] Dex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike; Benefit: Do not incur an attack of opportunity when making a touch attack to start a grapple. Also, +4 bonus on all grapple checks UE, p. 44
Improved Levitation [General] Levitate as (Sp) ability. – You have learned to use only part of your levitate spell-like ability at a time, allowing multiple uses with shorter durations Und p.25
Improved Levitation [General] able to levitate as a spell-like ability; Benefit: May use ability in 10-minute increments RoF, p. 165
Improved Low Blow [Fighter, General] Dodge, Mobility, Low Blow, base attack bonus +4; Benefit: Using the Low Blow feat does not provoke an attack of opportunity when moving into opponents square to perform the attack RoF, p. 165
Improved Natural Armor [General] Racial natural armor; Benefit: Racial natural armor increases +1. RoF, p. 165
Improved Spit [Monstrous] Precise Shot and Spit Venom, spit attack, or spittle attack. – You can spit farther than normal SK p.146
Infernal Bargainer [General] Outsider; Benefit: +2 caster level when casting commune , contact other plane , legend lore , or vision . Add 2 HD to any evil creature called with planar binding or planar ally spells. Any evil creature caught in a planar binding spell created is at -2 to escape RoF, p. 165
Initiate of Lovitar [Initiate] Cleric 5th of Lovitar - You have been initiated into the secrets of the Lovitar church SS p.20
Innate Spell [Metamagic] Silent Spell, Still Spell; Benefit: choose a spell and blow a spell slot permanently – this spell becomes a spell-like ability for you that you can use a few times per day PGtoF, p. 39
Inscribe Rune [Item Creation] Int 13, appropriate Craft skill, divine spellcaster level 3rd; Benefit: inscribe spell-bearing runes into objects PGtoF, p. 40
Insidious Magic [Metamagic] Shadow Weave Magic; Benefit: Force users have problems detecting your powers PGtoF, p. 40
Iron Mind [General] Wis 13, gray dwarf; Region: Gray dwarf; Benefit: +4 bonus on saving throws against psionic effects and +1 bonus on Will saves RoF, p. 165
Irresistible Gaze [Monstrous] Gaze attack – Your gaze attack is more potent than normal SK p.146
Item Reprieve [General] Spell Reprieve, specialist wizard level 5. Allows use of spell completion and spell trigger items from prohibited school. LEoF, p. 8
Jergal's Pact [General] Knowledge (history) 4 ranks, Great Fortitude. +2 bonus on saves to resist gaining or removing negative levels. LEoF, p. 8
Jester's Magic [General] Perform (comedy) 8rks, spellcasting ability; Benefit: +1 caster level for jester's magic CoSW, p. 145
Jotunbrud [General] Damaran or Illuskan human; Regions: Damara, the North; Benefit: Treated as Large when a modifier based on size on an opposed roll. Also, considered Large when determining whether a monster's special attacks based on size affect character RoF, p. 166
Jungle Stamina [General] Chult, Tashalar (Mhair and Black Jungles only), wild dwarf; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Survival checks and +2 bonus on Fortitude saves vs. disease RoF, p. 166
Knifefighter [Regional] bugbear, chitine, goblin, half-elf, halfling, hobgoblin, human, orc, planetouched; Benefit: you can make wonders with a light weapon while grappling (NOTE: usually you can make use of a light weapon only a number of times equal to your BAB, i.e. BAB +6/+1 would allow you to make two light weapon attacks while grappling; this feat allows you to make a full attack while grappling, a subtle difference but an important one if you are, say, a monk with the flurry of blows ability…). PGtoF, p. 40
Knight of the Red Falcon [Exhalted] clr\ftr\pal4, member of the Order of the Red Falcon. Benefit: +1 morale bonus when adjacent to multiple enemies. CoV, p. 32
Knight of the Risen Scepter [Exhalted] rgr\pal8, Patron deity: Osiris. Benefit: +3 sacred bonus on save vs. death, energy drain, ability drain. Resurrected if slain by follower of Set. CoV, p. 32
Knight of Tyr's Holy Judgment [Exhalted] Int13, member of the Knights of Holy Judgment. Benefit: Add paladin level to Int of Knowledge checks for Law. +1 sacred bonus to AC against devils. CoV, p. 32
Knight of Tyr's Merciful Sword [Exhalted] Wis13, member of the Knights of the Merciful Sword. Benefit: Sense greatest evil within 1 mile or 10 miles. +1 sacred AC bonus against demons. CoV, p. 33
Landwalker [General] Aquatic elf; Benefit: Can survive out of water for 3 hours/point of Constitution RoF, p. 166
Light to Daylight [General] Able to use light as a spell-like ability; Benefit: Instead create daylight . Can use an additional 2/day RoF, p. 166
Lightbringer [General] Damaran human, able to cast divine spells, able to turn undead; Benefit: Infuse a spell cast with positive energy by expending three of the daily turn attempts. +2 spell power on round previous to casting the spell. RoF, p. 166
Lingering Spell [Metamagic] Spell deals 1d6 damage of the same energy type for 1 round. CoR, p. 20
Lion Tribe Warrior [Regional] Lion tribe member - You have learned to pounce on your foes SS p.20
Lolth's Blessing [General] Drow , Wis 15, patron deity Lolth, able to cast 3 rd -level divine spells; Benefit: Use clairaudience/clairvoyance , detect lie , dispel magic , and suggestion 1/day as spell-like abilities RoF, p. 166
Lolth's Meat [General] Drow – Heritage and experience lends you a certain bloodthirsty readiness Und p.26
Long Reach [Fighter, General] Region: Gnoll, volodni; Benefit: When wielding a spear of shortspear, can use the weapon to attack opponents 5 or 10 feet away. With a longspear, 10 or 15 feet away UE, p. 44
Low Blow [Fighter, General] Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +4; Benefit: As a full-round action, enter an area occupied by an opponent at least one size category larger and make a single melee attack at highest attack bonus against creature RoF, p. 166
Luck of Heroes [Regional] elf, gloaming, half-elf, halfling, human; Benefit: luck bonuses to all things safety-related PGtoF, p. 40
Lunar Magic [General] Patron Deity: Selune or Mystra, arcane or divine spellcasting ability; Benefit: Caster level varies depending on the phase of the moon. CoSW, p. 46
Magic in the Blood [Regional] dwarf, elf, gnome, planetouched, spirit folk; Benefit: your spell-like abilities can be used more often PGtoF, p. 40
Magical Artisan [Regional] any item creation feat; Benefit: create magical items for cheap PGtoF, p. 41
Magical Training [Regional] Int 10 or Cha 10, elf or human; Benefit: allows you to cast a few cantrips PGtoF, p. 41
Malign Spell Focus [General] Any evil; Benefit: +1 bonus on save DC's against spells with evil descriptor CoR, p. 20
Mark of the Triad [Divine] Initiate of Ilmater, Torm or Tyr; Benefit: Spend Turn Undead attempt to imbue a greatsword, longsword or unarmed strike with holy ability for 1 round. CoV, p. 33
Mercantile Background [Regional] dwarf, gnome, halfling, human; Benefit: this wonderful feat breaks the shackles of the proverbial “half price selling point because you are an adventurer…” Now the percentage is a bit higher… [sigh] so… you still lose money if your PC decides to go merchant, but not as much PGtoF, p. 41
Metallurgy [General] Region: Gold dwarf; Benefit +3 bonus on all Craft (armorsmithing, blacksmithing, or weaponsmithing) checks RoF, p. 166
Metanode Spell [Metamagic] Node Spellcasting, 1 st spellcaster – You cast metamagic spells to greater effect in earth nodes than elsewhere. (Updated from Und in CoR) Und p.26
CoR p.25
Might Makes Right [General] Str 13, Leadership; Benefit: Add Strength bonus to leadership score to determine how many followers gained with the Leadership feat RoF, p. 166
Militia [Regional] half-elf, halfling, human; Benefit: a big step above the Horse Nomad feat, this one allows you to wield all the martial contraptions of war PGtoF, p. 41
Mind Over Body [Regional] elf, half-elf, human, we have a winner for arcane spellcasters… this gives more hit points and better AC PGtoF, p. 41
Mortifying Attack [General] Death attack class feature; Benefit: Creatures that witness your death attack are shaken for 2d4 rounds. CoR p.20
Multigrab [Monstrous] Str 17, Improved Grab special attack. – You can grapple enemies more firmly than normal with your natural attacks SK p.146
Multilingual [General] Int 15. Learn three additional languages. LEoF p.8
Mutilator [General] Base attack bonus +4; Benefit: Decapitate enemy as a free action. CoR p.20



FRCS - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
LoD - Lords of Darkness
MoF - Magic of Faerûn
PGtoF - Player's Guide to Faerûn
RoF - Races of Faerûn
- Underdark
Una- Unapproachable East
SS - Shining South
LEoF - Lost Empires of Faerûn
CoR - Champions of Ruin
CoSW - City of Splendors: Waterdeep

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