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The work contained on this page has been collated by Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson and Kevin Liss from various 3.0\3.5 edition Forgotten Realms products. This is to allow easy location of Feats by providing basic information and the name of the product in which the full description and details can be found. Candlekeep takes no responsibility for Pierre's dubious comments for some feats ;-) Make of them what you will.

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Feats of the Realms

Compiled by Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson, Kevin Liss

Epic Feats

These spells are very technical in nature and cannot be explained without plainly writing the feat down… the prerequisites are also very long-winded and complex. Please accept this humble list; these feats can only be taken at level 21+. (PGtoF p.135 - 146)

Title Prerequisites

Axiomatic Strike [Epic]


Chosen Weapon Specialization [Epic]


Divine Spell Penetration [Epic]


Enhance Effect [Epic]


Epic Counterspell [Epic]


Epic Devotion [Epic]


Epic Spellfire Wielder [Epic]


Improved Cooperative Metamagic [Epic]


Improved Snatch Spell [Epic]

Improved Spellpool Access [Epic]  

Inscribe Epic Rune [Epic]



Exhalted and Vile Feats

Title Prerequisites

Blessed of the Seven Sisters [Exalted]

able to cast 6 th -level arcane spells; Benefit: add 9 spells to your spell list… these ranger from 1 st to 9 th -level spells.

Demonsworn Knight [Vile]

Thrall to Demon . Base Attack bonus of +4; Benefit: Wielded weapon treated as chaotic and evil, 1d6 damage against lawful outsiders (CoR p22)

Disciple of Darkness [Vile]

LE alignment. Benefit: Gain +1 luck bonus on various rolls\checks. (CoR p23)

Evil Brand [Vile]

Benefit: +2 bonus on diplomacy and intimidate checks against evil creatures. (CoR p23)

Evil Embraced [Vile]

Evil Brand. Benefit: Gain damage reduction 10.good for 1 round. (CoR p23)

Favored of the Zulkirs [Vile]

Red Wizard level 5, Corrupt Spell (vile); Benefit: cast a corrupted spell more easily

Gift of Discernment [Exalted]

Benefit: always know if an action would steer you away from your alignment or your faith (DM, would that be evil? No, ok then! POW! J ).

Hellbound Knight [Vile]

Disciple of Darkness, Base Attack bonus of +4. Benefit: Wielded weapon treated as lawful and evil, +1 profane bonus on attack rolls. (CoR p23)

Lliira's Blessing [Exalted]

Escape Artist 1rk, Nimbus of Light (Exalted); Benefit: better Escape Artist and less chances to become restrained in any way, shape or form...

Scion of Sorrow [Vile]

NE Alignment. Benefit: Gain +1 luck bonus on various rolls\checks. (CoR p23)

Spider Bite [Vile]

Verminfriend (Vile), Patron Deity Lolth; Benefit: your saliva is poisonous to other creatures, and you can inject it by grappling successfully… or have the target creature ingest it through one of your famous sensual kisses…

Thrall to Demon [Vile]

CE Alignment.; Benefit: Gain +1 luck bonus on various rolls\checks. (CoR p23)

Tormented Knight [Vile]

Scion of Sorrow. Base Attack bonus of +4; Benefit: Wielded weapon treated as evil, +1 CHA bonus on attack rolls. (CoR p23)

Touch of Hate [Vile]

Vile Spell (Vile), able to cast 5 th -level divine spells, Patron Deity Bane; Benefit: transform animals into Beast of Xvim, and these creatures inflict Vile damage (uncurable).

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