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The work contained on this page has been collated by Alaundo, Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson and Kevin Liss from various 3.0\3.5 edition Forgotten Realms products. This is to allow easy location of Feats by providing basic information and the name of the product in which the full description and details can be found. Candlekeep takes no responsibility for Pierre's dubious comments for some feats ;-) Make of them what you will..

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Feats of the Realms

Compiled by
Alaundo, Pierre Godbout, Lee Nelson & Kevin Liss


Title Prerequisites Source
Narrowed Gaze [Monstrous] Int 13, Gaze Attack. – Your gaze has a limited field of effect SK p.146
Natural Bully [General] Intimidate 5rks; Benefit: Weak enemies take -2 penalty on attacks against you. CoR p.21
Natural Scavenger [General] Survival 5 ranks - You are good at finding food while on the move SS p.21
Netherese Battle Curse [General] Knowledge (history) 4 ranks, Power Attack, arcane caster 1st level. Perform a battle curse as a melee attack. LEoF, p. 8
Nobody's Fool [General] Wis 13; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Sense Motive checks and Gather Information checks RoF, p. 166
Node Defense [General] Node Spellcasting, 1 st spellcaster – You can use the magical power of an earth node to defend yourself from harm (AC bonus) (Updated from Und in CoR) Und p.26
CoR p.25
Node Sensitive [General] You can perceive an earth node just by passing within 30ft. (Updated from Und in CoR) Und p.26
CoR p.25
Node Spellcasting [General] 1 st spellcaster – You have discovered the secret of node magic. (Updated from Und in CoR) Und p.26
CoR p.25
Node Store [General] Node Spellcasting, 1 st spellcaster – You can store a prepared spell in an earth node. Und p.26
CoR p.25
Nomadic Trekker [Regeonal] Human or Wemic (the Shaar) - You move efficiently over great grasslands SS p.21
Oral History [General] Regions: The Moonshaes, the North, arctic dwarf, gold dwarf, shield dwarf; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Knowledge (history) and Perform checks RoF, p. 167
Otherworldly [Regional] deep imaskari, elf, spirit folk; Benefit: you become a freak, and gain darkvision and diplomacy, ‘cause freaks need to see in the dark and use diplomacy to talk out of the ambushes laid by those tavern-going darkness dwellers PGtoF, p. 41
Outsider Wings [General] Aasimar or tiefling, base Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves +2, Celestial Bloodline or Fiendish Bloodline; Benefit: Gain wings allowing flight at land speed (average maneuverability). RoF, p. 167
Overcome Shadow Weave [General] Will +3, knowledge (arcana) 5rks, Spellcraft 5rks, weave user. Benefit: +5 bonus on caster level to detect, counterspell and dispel Shadow Weave effects. +1 bonus on Will saves against Shadow Weave effects. CoV, p. 33
Owlbear Berserker [Fighter, General] Strength 13, ability to rage, membership in the Owlbear berserker lodge; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: When grappling, make an unarmed attack to deal 1d6 points of normal damage with successful grapple check. Do not suffer -4 penalty for dealing normal damage UE, p. 44
Pernicious Magic [Metamagic] Shadow Weave Magic; Benefit: your are becoming stronger in the Dark Side of the Force… soon PGtoF, p. 42
Persistent Spell [Regional] Extend Spell; Benefit: make your weak spells last a whole day PGtoF, p. 42
Pervasive Gaze [Monstrous] Int 13, Gaze attack. – Your gaze is more effective than normal SK p.146
Petrification Immunity [General] Racial bonus on saving throws vs petrification, Petrification Resistance. – You are immune to petrification effects SK p.147
Petrification Resistance [General] Racial bonus on saving throws vs petrification effects. – You can resist petrification effects better than you otherwise could SK p.147
Phalanx Fighting [Fighter, General] Benefit: When using a large shield and a light weapon, gain +1 armor bonus that stacks with the bonus from armor and shields. Also, within 5 feet of an ally with this feat and like armaments, may form a shield wall LoD, p. 189
Piercing Gaze [Monstrous] Int 13, Cha 15, gaze attack, Irresistible Gaze. – You gaze attack has a greater range then normal. SK p.147
Plague Resistant [General] Chondathan human; Region: The Vilhon Reach; Benefit: +4 resistance bonus on saving throws against disease and spells or effects that procduce disease RoF, p. 167
Planetouched Animal Affinity [General] Aasimar, tiefling, earth genasi; Benefit: +4 bonus on Animal Empathy and Handle Animal checks with an animal associated with a chosen divine ancestor RoF, p. 167
Poison Immunity [General] Immune to a specific poison and +1 bonus to saves against other poisons. CoR p.21
Poison Immunity [Monstrous] attack as an (Ex) ability, Poison Resistance. – You can ignore the effects of poison SK p.147
Poison Resistance [Monstrous] Poison special attack as an (Ex) ability. – You can resist poison better than you otherwise could SK p.147
Portal Master [Regional] Craft Wondrous Item; Benefit: this magnificent non-epic feat (3 levels short of epic) allows for someone to create a portal for cheaper, and this person can also stabilize unstable portals (NOTE: portals are now created with the Craft Wondrous Item feat… the FRCS “Create Portal” feat is no more… you still need to be at least 17 th -level and know either teleportation circle or gate though). PGtoF, p. 42
Portal Sensative [General] Deep Imaskar or Gloaming – You can perceive a portal just by passing near it Und p.27
Prehensile Tail [Monstrous] Str 13, tail attack, Two-Weapon or Multiweapon Fighting. – You can use your tail to manipulate objects SK p.147
Primitive Caster [General] Benefit: Add +1 to the effective level of a spell for each spell component voluntarily added which it does not already contain. RoF, p. 167
Profane Outburst [Divine] Any evil. Ability to rebuke undead. Benefit: Grant undead within 10ft a +1 profane bonus to AC CoR, p. 21
Puff Torso [Monstrous] Serpent or serpentfolk. – You can puff your skin to appear larger and more threatening SK p.147
Pulverize Foe [General] Str 15, Base attack bonus +6, proficient with bludgeoning weapon; Benefit: Subsequent attacks deal +1d6 bludgeoning damage. CoR, p. 21
Rapid Swimming [General] Base Fortitude save +2, natural swim speed; Benefit: Swim speed increases by 20 RoF, p. 167
Rashemi Elemental Summoning [General] Spellcaster level 5 th ; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: A spell summoning air or earth elementals can instead summon orglash or thomil UE, p. 45
Reactive Counterspell [General] Improved Counterspell, Improved Initiative – You react quickly to counterspells cast by opponents MoF p.22
Reactive Counterspell [Regional] Improved Counterspell, Improved Initiative; Benefit: counterspell incoming spells anytime, with no readying required PGtoF, p. 42
Reckless Offensive [Fighter, General] Base attack bonus +2, Power Attack; Benefit: Before attack rolls for a round can choose to take -4 to AC during the round to gain +2 competence bonus on all melee attacks in the same round RoF, p. 167
Reaping Spell [Metamagic] Any evil; Benefit: Target killed by spell cannot be raised, reincarnated or ressurected. CoR p.21
Rending Constriction [Monstrous] Str 19, Dex 15, constrict special attack, improved grab special attack, Greater Multigrab, Multigrab, two limbs capable or grappling. – You can pull grappled enemies apart SK p.147
Resist Poison [Regional] bugbear, chitine, dwarf, goblin, hobgoblin, human, orc; Benefit: big bonus to saves vs. poison PGtoF, p. 43
Rhinocerous Tribe Charge [Regional] Rhinocerous tribe member - You can use this charge in battle SS p.21
Rock Gnome Trickster [General] Rock gnome; Benefit: +1 spell power on Illusion (glamer) spells and spell-like abilities RoF, p. 167
Runesmith [General] 4 ranks in Craft (rune); Benefit: Make runes that take the place of traditional material components for spells. Other spellcasters take a -4 penalty on checks to determine which spell is cast, unless they also have the Runesmith feat RoF, p. 167
Sacred Tattoo [General] Patron deity from the Mulhorandi or Untheric pantheon; Benefit: +1 to the DC for all saving throws against spells cast in consecrated/desecrated or hallowed/unhallowed areas for characters deity. +1 bonus on caster level checks to beat a creature's spell resistance when casting spells in such areas RoF, p. 168
Saddleback [Regional] humans; Benefit: this allows you or your mount to try failed Reflex saves while mounted PGtoF, p. 43
Selective Spell [Metamagic] any other metamagic feat - You can screen allies from the effects of your area spells SS p.21
Servant of the Fallen [General] 1st level cleric, dead or forgotten deity as a patron. Receive cleric spells normally, +1 luck bonus on one die roll. LEoF, p. 9
Shadow Shield [General] Talfir or Tethyrian human of any region; Region: Western Heartlands; Benefit: +2 bonus on all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities with the shadow descriptor. Also, +2 bonus on all saving throws against Shadow Weave spells or spell-like abilities RoF, p. 168
Shadow Song [General] Shadow Weave Magic, bardic music; Region: The Western Heartlands; Benefit: +1 bonus to the DC for all saving throws for all Enchantment and sonic descriptor spells. +1 bonus on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance for these spells RoF, p. 168
Shadow Weave Magic [General] Wis 15 or patron deity Shar; Benefit: stronger enchantment, illusion and necromancy, but weaker evocation and transmutation PGtoF, p. 43
Shadowform Familiar [General] Krinth, summon familiar class feature; Benefit: Gain a familiar with the incorporeal sub-type. CoR, p. 22
Shadowstrike [General] Krinth, Base attack bonus +1; Benefit: Gain +1 on attacks and deal +1d6 damage with melee weapon in shadowy conditions. CoR, p. 22
Shield Dwarf Warder Shield dwarf; Benefit: +1 caster level if a spell is used to create or enhance a suit of armor or a shield. Also, cost of magic armor or shields is 5% less to make RoF, p. 168
Signature Spell [General] Spell Mastery; Benefit: spontaneously cast your favority little spell PGtoF, p. 43
Silver Blood [General] Base Fort save +2. Benefit: Immune to lycanthrope. Lycanthrope which bites must make Fort save or take damage. CoV, p. 33
Silver Fang [General] Base Fort save +4. Member or ally of the Fangshields. Benefit: Natural and unarmed attacks count as silver weapon attacks (for DC purposes only). CoV, p. 33
Silver Palm [Regional] dwarf, halfling, human; Benefit: appraise, bluff and sense motive PGtoF, p. 43
Skewer Foe [General] Str 15, Base attack bonus +6, proficient with piercing weapon; Benefit: Subsequent attacks deal +1d6 piercing damage. CoR, p. 22
Skyrider [General] Ride (hippogriff) skill, Mounted Combat; Region: Gold dwarf; Benefit: +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride (hippogriff) checks RoF, p. 168
Smooth Talk [Regional] elf, gloaming, gnome, half-elf, human; Benefit: better at rushed diplomacy PGtoF, p. 43
Smiting Power [General] Power Attack, ability to smite. Benefit: Add smite bonus to bull rush or overrun. CoV, p. 33
Snake Blood [Regional] humans; Benefit: better Ref and poison saves PGtoF, p. 43
Snatch Trophy [General] Take trophy from fallen victim as free action. CoR, p. 22
Snow Tiger Berserker [Fighter, General] Dexterity 13, ability to rage, membership in the Snow Tiger berserker lodge; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: May make full attack as part of a charge action with a light weapon UE, p. 45
Southern Magician [General] Mulan human, ability to cast 2nd -level spells; Benefit: 1/day per two caster levels, cast a divine spell as an arcane spell, or vice versa. -4 penalty on attempts to counterspell or dispel spells cast as such RoF, p. 168
Spell Girding [General] Your spells are particularly hardy, resisting dispel checks more readily than normal MoF p.22
Spell Reprieve [General] Knowledge (history) 2 ranks, specialist wizard 1st level. Learn and prepare one spell from a prohibited school. LEoF, p. 9
Spell Thematics [General] arcane spellcaster level 1st; Benefit: make your spells look like cheeseburgers, and confuse people in the process PGtoF, p. 44
Spell Thematics [General] able to cast illusion spells – Your spells have a distinct visual or auditory effect in their manifestation MoF p.22
Spellcasting Prodigy [General] Benefit: more bonus spells, can only be taken at 1 st level

PGtoF, p. 44

Spellfire Weilder [General] are one of the rare people who have the innate talent to control raw magic in the form of Spellfire MoF p.23
Spell-like Ability Focus [General] Spell-like ability; Benefit: +2 to the DC for all saving throws against the ability RoF, p. 168
Spire Walking [General] Region: The Western Heartlands; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Balance and Jump checks RoF, p. 168
Spit Venom [Monstrous] Poisonous bite attack. – You can spit venom in the manner of a spitting cobra SK p.147
Staggering Strike [Fighter, General] Base attack bonus +6, sneak attack ability; Benefit: Forgo sneak attack variable damage to deliver a strike that staggers the victim RoF, p. 169
Stone Colossus [Fighter, General] Base Fortitude save +3, earth genasi; Benefit: When making an attack action or full attack action in melee, can take up to -5 on attack and add to AC as a natural armor bonus RoF, p. 169
Stone Slide [General] Base Fortitude save +4, earth genasi; Benefit: Meld into stone as a 5 th -level druid instead of using pass without trace . RoF, p. 169
Stone Soul [General] Imaskar of Slyth – You were born with a dwarflike, innate sense about rock, stone, and construction Und p.27
Stoneblood [General] Con 13, urdunnir; Region: Urdunnir; Benefit: When dying, have a 50% chance per round to stabilize and stop bleeding to death RoF, p. 169
Stoneshaper [General] Craft (stonemasonry) skill, stonecunning; Region: Gold dwarf, gray dwarf, shield dwarf, urdunnir; Benefit: +2 bonus on Craft (stonemasonry) checks and +2 bonus on Stonecunning checks RoF, p. 169
Stonewalker Fist [Fighter, General] Improved Unarmed Strike, urdunnir; Region: Urdunnir; Benefit: Ignore up to a +4 armor bonus due to metal or stone armor or shields RoF, p. 169
Stormheart [Regional] human; Benefit: better at balancing and sailoring and fighting on the upper decks PGtoF, p. 44
Street Smart [Regional] halfling, human, planetouched; Benefit: gather info, intimidate and sense motive PGtoF, p. 44
Strong Mind [General] Wis 11 – You are unusually difficult to affect with psionic powers and mind attacks Und p.27
Strong Soul [Regional] dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, halfling, human; Benefit: better Fort and Will saves, especially against anything thrown by creepy undeads or necromancers PGtoF, p. 44
Summon Earth Elemental [General] Deep gnome, character level 6 th ; Benefit: 1/day summon an earth elemental RoF, p. 169
Sun Soul Monk [General] Mnk4, member of the Sun Soul Order. Benefit: Benfits are dependant on deity (see full description in CoV).

CoV, p. 34

Surefooted [Regional] grimlock, human, orc; Benefit: better jump and climb, and good at walking on steep, icy slopes

PGtoF, p. 45

Survivor [Regional] dwarf, elf, human, kuo-toa, slyth, taer; Benefit: Fortitude and Survival skills PGtoF, p. 45
Svirfneblin Figment Master [General] Deep gnome; Benefit: Illusion (figment) spells and spell-like abilities gain +1 spell power RoF, p. 169
Swarmfighting [Fighter, General] Size Small, Dex 13, base attack bonus +1; Benefit: Occupy the same 5-foot square in combat with any other allied Small or smaller creature that also possesses the Swarmfighting feat. RoF, p. 169
Swift and Silent [Regional] bugbear, elf, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, human, orc, wemic. Benefit: you can move silently and hide while taking a brisk walk PGtoF, p. 45
Sword of the Arcane Order [General] pal4 of Azuth\Mystra or rgr4 Mystra, Int13, member of the Knights of the Mystic Fire, order of the Shooting Star, or Swords of the High One. Benefit: Use spell slots to prepare known wizard spells. Add pal\rgr class levels to wiz level to determine caster level. CoV p.34
Tail Rattle [Monstrous] Serpent or Serpentfolk. – Your tail gains a rattle like that of a rattlesnake SK p.147
Talfirian Song [General] Bardic music class feature, Heighten Spell, Tethyrian human; Benefit: Heighten illusion spells without using higher-level spell slots by expending uses of bardic music RoF, p. 170
Tall Mouther Hunter [Regeonal] Halfling - You are trained to fight tall mouthers SS p.21
Tattoo Focus [Regional] specialized in a school of magic, human; Benefit: stronger spells PGtoF, p. 45
Tattoo Magic [Item Creation] Craft (calligraphy) or Craft (painting) skill, spellcaster level 3 rd ; Benefit: Create single-use magic tattoos. Tattoo can be any spell of 3 rd level or lower that character knows and that targets a creature or creatures RoF, p. 170
LoD, p. 189
Tenacious Magic [General] Shadow Weave Magic; Benefit: They cannot dispel your powers PGtoF, p. 45
Theocrat [General] Patron deity from the Mulhorandi pantheon; Regions: Mulhorand, Unther; Benefit: +2 bonus on all Diplomacy and Knowledge (religion) checks RoF, p. 170
Thug [Regional] centaur, dwarf, gnoll, grimlock, human, orc, planetouched; Benefit: initiative, appraise and intimidate PGtoF, p. 45
Thunder Twin [Regional] dwarf; Benefit: better diplomacy and intimidate, and sense where your twin is at all times PGtoF, p. 46
Tireless [Regional] dwarf, human, lizardfolk, orc, wemic; Benefit: rage with peace of mind knowing you won't be tired afterwards PGtoF, p. 46
Touch of Benevolence [General] Any evil; Benefit: 50% chance to ignore any effects of attacks which target evil creatures CoR, p. 22
Transdimensional Spell [Metamagic] Benefit: Spell has normal effects on creatures on the Ethereal Plane or Plane of Shadow, incorporeal creatures, and creatures within extradimensional spaces UE, p. 45
Trapmaster [General] Int 13, trap sense +2. Increase trap sense by 4 and gain +2 on Disable Device checks. LEoF, p. 9
Treetopper [Regional] elf, half-elf, halfling, human; Benefit: better balance and climb, and you do it with grace, style and nimbleness PGtoF, p. 46
Tunnelfighter [General] Dex 13 or Tunnelrunner – You can fight more naturally in the cramped and close quarters of caves and tunnels than usual. Und p.27
Tunnelrunner [General] Chitine or Grimlock – You can move naturally in the cramped quarters of caves and tunnels Und p.27
Twin Spell [Metamagic] : any other metamagic; Benefit: see one fireball, see two fireballs PGtoF, p. 46
Veil of Cyric [General] Any evil, not an outsider, cannot worship an evil deity; Benfit: Not detected as evil unless opponents auta strength exceeds yours. CoSW, p. 146
Via Negativa [Divine] Ability to rebuke undead. Benefit: Deal extra damage with an inflict spell. CoR, p. 22
Vremyonni Training [General] Able to cast 1 st -level spells; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: +2 bonus on Knowledge (arcane) and Spellcraft checks. UE, p. 45
Water Adaptation [General] Half-aquatic elf; Benefit: Breathe water as well as air. Gain a swim speed of 20 feet. Gain +8 racial bonus on any Swim check. RoF, p. 170
Widen Spell [Metamagic] You can increase the area of your spells MoF p.23
Wisdom Breeds Caution [General] Slyth or Svirfneblin – You rely more on caution and foresight than you do on physical prowess Und p.27
Wolf Berserker [Fighter, General] Ability to rage, membership in the Wolf berserker lodge; Region: Rashemen; Benefit: +4 bonus on trip attacks and on checks to resist and opponents trip attacks UE, p. 45
Woodwise [General] Region: Star elf, volodni; Benefit: Ignore hampered movement penalties from naturally occurring moderate or heavy undergrowth. When fighting in wooded areas, +1 dodge bonus to AC UE, p. 45
Woodwise [Regional] Elf (Misty Vale), Star Elf (Sildëyuir), or Volodni (Forest of Lethyr) - You are trained in fighting in woodland terrain SS p.21
Wounding Spell [Metamagic] Knowledge (history) 4 ranks, Empower spell. Inflict a bleeding wound with any damage-dealing spell. LEoF p.9




FRCS - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
LoD - Lords of Darkness
MoF - Magic of Faerûn
PGtoF - Player's Guide to Faerûn
RoF - Races of Faerûn
- Underdark
Una- Unapproachable East
SS - Shining South
LEoF - Lost Empires of Faerûn
CoR - Champions of Ruin
CoSW - City of Splendors: Waterdeep

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